Education Training Consultancy & Turn-key Projects


DLG Multi Speciality Finishing School in Association with Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries University offers a Unique Program for the students. It prepares Veterinary Doctors to handle new and emerging challenges in the VET World. The program offers Breeding Technology, Farm Management, Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures under the guidance of Breeding Scientists and Surgeons.


Consultancy & Turn-key Projects

The Swine Farming industry is under constant pressure to deliver ever-better results while contending with a range of risks that can threaten their survival. Interactions between Breeds, Housing Systems, Feeding as well as Health are constantly affecting Swine Industry.

Our primary ambition is to help swine producers with Exotic Breeds, Knowledge, Strategies and Resources to help them reach their goals. We provide customized models for setting up breeding farms of different sizes.

We are used to manage complex Breeding Challenges and offer independent, competent and professional Breeding Advisory Service.

We are committed to work for good animal welfare while increasing the value for the Swine producer.

Our Scope of work :

• Feasibility Studies
• Breeding Strategy
• Housing Design
• Feed Management
• Training Manpower
• Project Schedules
• Capital Cost Estimates
• Site Selection
• Infrastructure Design & Supply

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