Ready To Cook – RTC Ready To Eat – RTE

RANCH is the brand you look for Ready To Cook (RTC) & Ready To Eat (RTE) products. We cater to both Retail and Institutional Clients like Taj, Oberoi, Crowne Plaza, Leela etc.

Ready To Cook – RTC

A variety of meat products like Sausages, Ham, Bacon, Raw and Marinated Pork and Chicken products are available.

Videos – RTC

Ready To Eat – RTE

We have a Central Kitchen in Kochi, which home delivers Kerala Cuisine, Thai Cuisine and World Class Barbecue menu .

Baby Back Ribs BBQ (Full Rack )
Chops Jumbo BBQ
BBQ chicken
Thai Basil Pork Curry
Thai Red Pork Curry
Thai Satay Chicken
Pork Roast

Videos – RTE

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