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DLG’s Vision is to Conserving Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture and Promoting its use in support of Global Food Security and Sustainable Development, for Present and Future Generations.

Swine Breeding

DLG Farms Private Limited is India’s Largest and Most Modern Swine Breeding Company. We are the Pioneers of Modern Piggery in India &  the Largest Stockist of Pure Line Exotic Breeds in the Country.

Established in the year 2008, DLG Farms is a Professionally and Scientifically Managed Swine Breeding Company, utilizing Genetically Improved Livestock through Innovative and Computerized Breeding Program, Feeding Regime, Health Management System, and Hygienic practices.

DLG’s state of the art Swine Breeding program utilizes the differences of three different lines, one each from Largewhite, Landrace and Duroc breeds, subjecting to Systematic Selection and Cross Breeding to produce hybrid pigs.

We are integrated with farmers across India. Our Experienced Veterinarians and Breeding Experts in Technical Support Team provide services in fields of reproduction, growing pigs, nutrition, and health to maximize the profit realization by our customers.

Partner with DLG

There are 3 ways you can partner with us.

1) BOT – Built Operate Transfer

2) Franchisee Model

3) Joint Venture

BOT – We will hand hold you from day one to fully operational system. It will take 2 Years to complete.

Franchisee Model – BOT + We will continue to do the Breed Management. You are entitled to use brand DLG. Full buy back guarantee.

Joint Venture – You invest in Land & Infrastructure and DLG brings in breeder animals & Technology as Equity and we share Profits accordingly.

Basic Policy is same for Private Institutions & State Governments. Terms & Conditions apply.



“PARINDA” is our brand in this segment. Our mission is to provide natural & organic chicken meat and eggs. We specialize in 2 types of chicken,  pure local Country chicken and Kadaknath Breed. Kadaknath is one of the rarest Poultry breeds of India, which is native to Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. This meat is famous for its meat quality, texture, taste and medicinal value.

Our birds are reared in free- range system, which means that they live in stress free environment on natural diet which results in healthier and tastier eggs enriched with organic vitamins and minerals.


We are producing organic dairy products for our local market. With a keen focus on FREE RANGE system of rearing, we manage more than 20 acres.


Placing animal welfare as a top priority and sustainable production are among the most important values that lead our Dairy business.


The essence of organic growing is Soil Management and Fertility Maintenance. They say, feed the soil, not the plant. The soil will feed the plant much better than you can. It is farming the natural way and concentrates on producing a fertile soil. A part of our 100 acre facility is Organic.

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